Live Stream that Campus Tour!

UStream broadcast via MiFi
Example of Qik stream
Great post from Brad J. Ward on the power of MiFi



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10 responses to “Live Stream that Campus Tour!

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  2. We’re working on a hybrid version. Ustream + laptop (for areas covered by campus wifi) PLUS prerecorded youtube vids for the *visitor* to play while we travel between wifi areas.

  3. sethodell

    Seriously? That sounds AWESOME! Using prerecorded video to cover for areas with no wifi is a really good idea.

    Please keep me posted on how it goes. I’d love to see the finished product!

  4. We’re working on an augmented reality app, experienced by visitors with iPhones. For those that don’t we offer some loaners.

    Give me your thoughts? Decent idea but better to live stream it? We’re like @tsand, toying with the idea of stream cam — just getting some people weirded out by it.

  5. sethodell


    The augmented reality app sounds exciting! I think they are both great ideas (streaming vs. augmented) and would recommend going ahead with both. The key thing is that they have different target audiences.

    For live streaming your target audience is those that can’t make it to campus, or those that can only make it at a time when admissions is so busy they can not properly provide campus tour resources.

    For the augmented reality app your goal is probably to increase the experiences of people that have already made it to campus. In a sense, taking the traditional campus tour to the next level.

    I think the two would actually work really well together.

    Keep me updated on the app! It’s definitely outside the box and sounds really cool.

  6. Scott, that sounds awesome! But isn’t augmented reality only feasible on the iPhone 3G S?

    Only thing about livestreaming is that there’s absolutely no room for editing. Once an awkward question is asked, it’s no deleting it.

  7. Love the idea. Will definitely be looking to into it.

    If you have the money, I suppose you could also go this route for the best quality:

  8. sethodell


    Thanks for the link about Livestream Livepack! That’s the first I’ve heard of it, but it definitely appears to be the pro version of what I’m trying to create here. I bet there are some people out there with the budget to use something like that. It looks amazing.

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