My 60-Second Review of Bambuser

The Swedish-based mobile live streaming site Bambuser has a lot going for it. I put it to the test to see if it has what it takes to make your shortlist of must use web tools.



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4 responses to “My 60-Second Review of Bambuser

  1. Hey!

    Thnx for the review and good and valuable comments! Would be great to get some of your thoughts on how you’d like us to improve the service going forward. Can’t of course guarantee to please all your wishes 🙂 but we live for our users and highly value all input.


  2. sethodell


    Thanks so much for checking out the video! Bambuser has quickly knocked out UStream as my mobile streaming app of choice. While I wasn’t sold on using it with my DV cam, I will certainly be keeping an eye on you guys and see what you come up with in the future. The Facebook integration is nothing short of amazing.

    I’ll drop you an email with a couple of my thoughts on improvements.


  3. Hi Seth,

    Thanks for those great words! As you mention, we do have things to improve with the browserbased broadcaster and we’re definitely working on it (and a lot of other stuff…). Looking forward to your email (just remember to send it to – you got the letters right, but inte wrong order 😉


  4. sethodell

    Thanks Jonas (got it right that time!) I’ll make sure to do that 🙂

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