Are you ready for Real-Time Event Coverage?

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3 responses to “Are you ready for Real-Time Event Coverage?

  1. HK

    As always, excellent ideas Seth. I will definitely look in to the Eye-Fi card for our campus photographer. Thanks!

  2. We had a big event on Feb. 5 and I bought an Eye-Fi so we could live stream our photos to flickr for folks at home, but also showed the flickr slideshow live on the digital signage in the center where we held the event. It was a great concept and worked fairly well in the very beginning, but the Eye-Fi couldn’t keep up with the amount of photos being taken. My photographer was using a digital SLR & forgot to adjust the settings, so it was trying to upload 10mb per photo, which ended up making the photos queued up & about 2 hours behind. If I were to do it again, we’d use our simple point and shoot camera, and likely take fewer photos. I wish I knew about twicsy! I also wish I pushed crowdsourcing photos. Next time, for sure! 🙂

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