Looking Back on a Year of YouTube EDU

Today marks the one year anniversary of the launch of YouTube EDU, the video sharing site’s hub for educational content uploaded by colleges and universities. Designed as a vehicle to democratize learning, YouTube EDU has seen substantial success over the past year. Over 300 colleges and universities have joined the YouTube Partner Program and seven higher ed videos have seen more than one million views a piece.

Whether it’s full courses, guest lectures or faculty commentary, YouTube EDU is doing its part to keep quality educational content free and accessible. In a world of budget cuts and fee hikes that really is commendable.

To celebrate, I thought I would share a couple of my favorite videos from the past year.

How Many Light Bulbs? – From Cambridge Ideas

Prom Dress Rugby (Disclaimer: Shot/edited by me)

Got a favorite of your own? Leave a link in the comments below.


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One response to “Looking Back on a Year of YouTube EDU

  1. We’ve been using YouTube EDU at Hope College since it launched and have been really happy with the results we’ve seen. I applaud Google for reaching out to the higher ed world and making it easier for us to adopt this technology (by removing ads, providing advanced branding features, longer video formats, etc…)

    One of my favorite videos we produced and posted covered endowed scholarships at Hope:

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