Dramatically Increase the ROI of Twitter with Formulists

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A version of this post was initially published at HigherEdLive.com

We all know social media isn’t a megaphone, but once your Twitter follower numbers reach the thousands how do you actually connect and engage with your audience on a meaningful level? Enter Formulists, a list creation and management tool that allows users to generate customized Twitter lists that continuously self-update.

With Formulist you can filter and create lists by people who you follow, people who follow you, bio keywords, track interactions, and more. This is Twitter lists on steroids.

The biggest benefit I see for public relations is the ability to create customized lists by geographic region. Previously if you wanted to target your community by city or state you’d either blast everyone or spend hours reading bios to see where folks were from. Now anyone can create lists for each city, state or country, connecting those individuals to events or campaigns in their area, all with just a few clicks.

Filtering by geographic region isn’t the only benefit either. For instance, using “Custom-Lists” you can also add, intersect or subtract existing lists from each other. So another possibility would be to get a list of fans, who mention your brand in their bio, and intersect this list with a “People Who RTed Me” to help both acknowledge and keep track of those that are actively helping to promote you. This would ideally get at a segment of followers/following that are especially interested in issues related to you. You can also simultaneously tweak for follower-following ratio or number of followers to get at people who potentially have more reach.

There are a lot of tools out there that help you organize Twitter followers, but the depth of Formulists and its ability to completely customize and cater to your needs via filters is seriously awesome. The auto update feature is great too. If someone in one of your lists changes their geographic region, bio keywords, etc. your list will automatically take note so you’ll never have to manually filter it.

Formulists currently offers both free and paid accounts. The free accounts come with access to 2 customized lists and daily updates. $1.99 a month gets you 20 customized lists, 6x faster list updates and the ability to update lists on demand.

What do you guys think? Is this something you’d use in managing your Twitter accounts? I’m excited to see how the PR community responds to Formulists offerings.


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