Shutting Down As Media Changes

When I first started As Media Changes in November of 2009 I was a young higher ed PR professional looking for a platform to expand dialogue around the rapidly changing PR/marketing industry. Tapping into my love of video, I started posting vlogs that looked at unique ways to utilize YouTube, provided tips on how to pitch TV news stations and highlighted tools that could make our lives easier, among other topics. The blog proved a great opportunity to engage with fellow industry professionals and was my first time stepping into the public dialogue, outside of my previous use of Twitter.

Now two years later, so much has changed. After continuing to grow and move positions at UCLA, I recently left SoCal to take a position in video marketing at Southern New Hampshire University. I also launched Higher Ed Live roughly a year ago, the first ever live weekly webshow network for the higher education industry. And most recently, I teamed up with my wife to launch Connect & Engage, a marketing and PR firm servicing the higher ed and tech industries.

Juggling all these opportunities hasn’t been easy, and with all that has been going on this blog has noticeably been put on the back burner. That’s why, as of today, I will no longer be updating As Media Changes. I’ll still be blogging and vlogging on PR, in fact more than ever, but I’ll be doing so over at As part of our new site, we’ll be chronicle our work with clients; sharing tips on video marketing, PR, social media and live streaming; and continuing dialogue around the role of emerging technology in the marketing and public relations industries.

I can’t thank you all enough for following As Media Changes over the past two years and hope you’ll hop over to the Connect & Engage blog and continue the conversations there.

Thanks for everything!


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One response to “Shutting Down As Media Changes

  1. Seth, I remember the day I found your blog, said to myself “man that guy is smart,” and decided to turn some of your ideas into reality at Saint Michael’s College (most notably your thoughts on using YouTube Annotations.) While I am sad to see this blog come to an end, I want to commend you for all of the other ventures you have started up and I look forward to watching them (and you!) continue to be successful.

    As one door closes, another opens… right?


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